Angela Beaumont

We offer a full bespoke service catering for mens and womenswear clothing for all occasions. This is a highly specialised service and is seen as a collaboration between the client and the head designer. This is an exciting, creative process and thoroughly rewarding for the client to see their vision achieved in a piece of clothing. We also provide an additional free styling service, advising the client how to style the new piece of clothing, from shoes to hair styling. 

We provide a free consultation, where we meet the client and discuss what they require. Afterwards, we do the design work, costings of the piece to be made including fabrics and contact the client again with our suggestions. If the client decides to go ahead, at their next appointment, we take there measurements and a %50 deposit. There are usually 3/4 fittings required for a new garment but depending on what we are developing. The delivery time for the garment also varies depending on the clients availability for fittings and what we are trying to achieve. If you would like to make an appointment please fill in your details below.

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In the process of creating the unique piece of clothing for an individual, both the designer and the client have a joint responsibility in achieving the end result. The clients responsibility is to give clear and confident answers when asked about the fit of the toile* how they feel in it, eg comfortable or too tight and also, the client signs off on the fabric choice. After the fittings and all decisions are made about the garment, the designers responsibility lies in the production of the garment, we ensure that it is made perfectly.